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   Damietta company Oils Factory
ADMCO Steel Buildings Company executed Damietta Oil
Factory project In Damietta Industrial Zone. The project
executed in 3 phases. The first was the Extractor Building, the
second was the Boiler House and the third was the
Preparatory Building. The weight of steel was 110 ton.
 The scope of our company was preparation of detailed
 drawings (Shop Drawings) for the three phases which varies
from simple portal frame to complicated layout of machines

 Phase I : Extractor Building

·        Length : 18 ms 
 ·        Width   : 16 ms
 ·        Height : 17 ms
·        It is a five levels of mezzanine floors

 Phase II : boiler House

·        Length : 18 ms 
·        Width   : 12 ms
·        Height : 8.5 ms
·        It is a simple portal frame

 Phase III : Preparatory Building

·        Length : 8 ms 
 ·        Width   : 5 ms
 ·        Height : 8.0 ms
·        It is a three levels of mezzanine foor
All fabrication and erection works finished in less than one
 year according to the main work schedule of the project
taking intoconsideration installing of the machines at each floor
 before erection of steel of the higher level. The project
handed  over the owner in the planned date with the warranty
period of  one year.
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