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ADMCO Steel Buildings Company is a contracting company


which is specialized in all types of steel structures. ADMCO


designs, fabricates and erects steel structures like factories,


warehouses, car sheds, poultry houses, aircraft hangers,


hotels, malls, administration buildings etc….


ADMCO Steel Buildings company uses the most updated


software programs for design of steel and drawing which


comply with the international Codes. Full detailed drawings


(workshop drawings)  for fabrication of steel skeleton and


also for claddings and coverings are prepared in a profional


way. ADMCO Steel Buildings Company erects all types of


steel buildings. ADMCO fabricates steel structure elements in


its workshop and supply them according to the priority of


erection respecting the client priority either.


The safety of our labors during erection is the most important


issue we consider to increase their productivity and quality.


Finally, the warranty period of our buildings is not limited to


one year but lasts forever to keep them as new as they should


be. The long experience of ADMCO general manager


Engr. / Amr Abdelmoniem ( 30 years ) and our


projects manager Engr. / Esam Essawy  ( 33 years ) makes


us one of the leader companies in Egyptian market. This is


not our opinion but it is our client's. Please notice our repeat


sale in our list of jobs which reflects our customer satisfaction


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